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Aurora Corridor Improvements

Aurora Avenue North is among the most heavily used transportation corridors in King County. Carrying increasing numbers of vehicles and transit riders, it connects neighborhoods and serves as a major thoroughfare for commuters traveling daily to and from work.

As part of a strategy for making travel on Aurora more efficient and reliable for all users, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) had recommended traffic signal timing improvements for all lanes and the implementation of peak period Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes between N. 38th Street and N. 115th Street to support King County Metro’s new RapidRide E Line bus service.

To help inform SDOT’s decision making, S&A conducted a robust outreach effort to notify project area stakeholders of the draft recommendations and solicit their input. The work involved door-to-door notice to the more than 400 residents and businesses along Aurora, a 29,000 piece mailer, community presentations and media outreach. A survey was also conducted that was completed by more than 900 individuals.
SDOT approved the traffic signal timing improvements and the implementation of BAT lanes. Metro’s RapidRide E Line bus service began operations in 2014.