Work Samples


Project Branding

Branding is a great opportunity for an organization to make an impression, convey key information, and establish a clear identity. Stepherson & Associates worked with Seattle City Light to develop a brand identity for the Denny Substation Project. We created a strong project logo, tagline and banner that are unique and easily recognizable.

Written Material

S&A Communications is proud of its work developing compelling project information with creative graphics and eye-catching images. We have extensive experience translating complex technical information into understandable formats for general audiences.

S&A works hard to produce straightforward, accurate, easy-to-understand... [read more]

Special Events

At S&A, we understand the power of community and the importance of celebrating key milestones.

Special events can strengthen relationships and help move projects forward. That’s why we work closely with our clients to get them right. From clarifying objectives, goals and desired outcomes in the planning stage to creating a... [read more]

Public Meetings

Public meetings and hearings provide opportunities for people to learn more, share ideas and interact directly with project staff. They are excellent ways to engage the public.

S&A Communications has planned and implemented more than 100 public meetings and hearings. For the City of Seattle’s open house to kick off the planning and... [read more]

Social Media

Until recently, large audiences were reached primarily through print and broadcast media. Today, the growth of social media and the rapid adoption of mobile devices have changed the way people engage with the world around them.

Now more than ever before, a social media presence is a near necessity. Its effective use can broaden your... [read more]

Informational Graphics

When you turn on the light or start your computer, you probably don't think about how the electricity was generated, transmitted and distributed.

When Seattle City Light was engaging with the community about plans to build its first substation in more than 30 years, a key objective was to educate people about how electricity works... [read more]

Direct Mail

Direct mail--printed material such as a postcard or brochure sent by postal mail to a customized recipient list--is a useful tool for informing stakeholders of your work or for soliciting input. It's effective because it's targeted: you define geographic boundaries, select demographic information, and reach the audience you need to reach.... [read more]

Inclusive Outreach

American life is characterized by remarkable diversity, and Washington State is no exception. Our cities and towns are populated by all kinds of people.

Stepherson & Associates has experience with the tools and strategies that ensure broad participation in our clients’ projects. We believe that projects and communities alike benefit... [read more]