Denny Substation Community Celebration

Denny Substation Community Celebration

Celebrating a partnership between the City and community to create a world-class electrical substation

Celebrating a partnership between the City and community to create a world-class electrical substation


Seattle, WA


Seattle City Light


  • Event planning and promotion

  • Materials development

  • Fundraising

  • Graphic design and branding

  • Policymaker engagement

“City Light leadership was very pleased with how the event turned out. They thanked the group for our professionalism, attention to detail, and positive attitude… Participants also thought the event was fun and well organized and were excited to see the site and get the chance to explore all the spaces. Some commented that they were glad the substation is complete, and they love the dog park.”

– Post-event staff survey

Project description:

Completion of the Denny Substation, City Light’s first substation in over 30 years, marked the culmination of over 15 years of planning, design, and construction. This substation is critical to Seattle City Light’s strategic plan, to City of Seattle economic development goals, and to ensuring reliable power through the twenty-first century. S&A was hired to plan, promote, and staff a community event celebrating the substation and thanking all who were part of building what’s been dubbed the “world’s coolest substation.”


The festive outdoor event was extremely well attended. Participants toured the site and learned about Seattle City Light’s mission and its innovative approach to building a one-of-a-kind substation that fit the neighborhood’s character, providing numerous public benefits. A true community celebration, the event included a live DJ, free food, family-friendly games, videos displaying the Denny Substation in all its aspects, a photo booth, giveaways, and speeches made by city and community leaders. By the numbers, the project included:

  • 1,250+ attendees
  • 25+ event sponsors
  • 350 posters displayed in community spaces
  • 30+ event staff with safety training
  • 1 media toolkit with 7 topic sheets
  • 1 event brochure and Denny Substation Walking Guide